Designed for small Quads using brushless motors and esc’s,

2 – 4S Capable

PDB is part of the board design,

Direct solder esc’s or use 1.5mm/2mm sockets,

Direct solder battery or use 2mm socket,

ARM STM32F4 processor,

USB socket for firmware flashing and parameter editing,

MPU6500 Gyro/Accelerometer connected via SPI,

On board voltage monitoring,

Buzzer pads on bottom of board,

5v @1A output via 1.25mm  socket

Dip switch for both Bind and Boot loader mode,

Runs BetaFlight firmware,

Receiver socket with 5v or 3.3v option (Spek sat @3.3v, FrSky @5v),

Dimensions: 28mm x 32mm.

DShot support with DShot "Hack"

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This board can be ordered from OSHpark,

 DShot "Hack" Board can be ordered from OSHpark,

The BOM can be downloaded here.


Released under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 License.



 Made available without any Express or Implied Warranties

F4 AlienFlightNG DShot "Hack"

Due to the current layout of the F4 Brushless controllers, DShot is not supported on all motor outputs as standard. A "Hack" is available in order to achieve DShot on all motor outputs on both the Quad and Hex boards as below;



  • Solder a thin wire from the PPM jumper pad to the motor 2 signal pad on the back of the flight controller (On the DShot mod boards, solder the DShot jumper closed).


  • Flash BetaFlight 3.1 or above.
  • In the BetaFlight configurator CLI tab, type the following, hit Return/Enter after each line. The FC will reboot after the save command.

    resource ppm none
    resource motor 2 A08


You should now have DShot available on all motor outputs AND will not have the option of using a PPM RX.