F7 Osiris20


BetaFlight and iNAV compatible,

Designed for all Multicopters using up to 8 esc’s or Servo's,


ICM-20602 SPI Gyro/ACC,

SPI NAND Flash (128MB)***,


2 ADC's,

 5V BEC (2.5A max)**,

3.3v BEC (0.8A max)**,

LED strip support,

2S - 4S Input

On board voltage monitoring,

Buzzer driver (5V buzzer),

Reverse Voltage Protection,

Mount: 20mm x 20mm,

Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm.


* UART 2 is shared with the RX, UART 3 Can be used with a pin remap.

** Combined 5v and 3.3v load can not exceed 2.5A.

***SPI NAND Flash support is still under development (limited BF test build available)

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This board can be ordered from OSHpark.

Use this file to create a Top Stencil from OSH stenciles.

Use this file to create a Bottom Stencil from OSH stenciles.

The BOM can be found here and downloaded here.

The Schematic can be downloaded here.

The Top Board Layout can be downloaded here.

The Bottom Board Layout can be downloaded here.


Released under the Creative Commons
Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives 4.0 License.




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